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Charles Washington


Philadelphia, PA, USA

MEATrition author
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Following is a post from Charles Washington on 3/23/15:

The key to all these things is having the right mindset. Many of you come looking for "rules" and you want to explore legalities with us. This is how you approach it: The bedrock is meat and water. Every meal should be about meat and water. Seasonings, condiments, dairy, coffee and even alcohol are all viewed in the context of meat.

If you eat cheese, I'm assuming you're eating it on a burger. If you eat cheese by itself? Not so much.

If you drink alcohol, I assume you just had a steak. If you drink coffee in the morning, I assume you're having bacon and eggs first.

The foundation of every meal is meat and water. It's like Christianity's Lord's prayer. It is an outline but if you stick to just those words, you will do just fine, I'm told. Any good prayer will have the elements within it, even if it's longer.

Same here. Any good ZC (Zero Carb) meal will have meat and water. If you are eating a meal that does not contain meat and water, you are wrong.

If coffee is your breakfast, you are wrong. If cheese is your lunch, you are wrong. If alcohol is your sole dinner, you are wrong. Does that make sense?

It's better to keep it simple and have meat and water. If you want to get fancy and add something else, add it within this framework. If you're new? Stick to basics. In fact, if you're old at ZC, stick to basics. It's just easier that way.

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