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Frederick Schwatka




Lieutenant Schwatka explored Canada in the 1880's

King William Island, Kitikmeot Region, NU, Canada

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Schwatka addressed the American Geographical Society in  at Chickering Hall, New York City, on the evening of October 28, 1880.

"Eleven months -- twenty days and 2819 geographical miles if estimated to Marble Island, our nearest point where we returned to civilized food. It was the first expedition wherein the white men of a party lived solely upon the same diet, voluntarily assumed, as its native allies. This fact, coupled with those already stated, s hows that white men are not only able to live the same as Esquimaux in the Arctic, and with equal comfort, but also to prosecute any projects that their superior intelligence may dictate or their ambition may desire, and under all the circumstances that the natives themselves would similarly venture to undertake for less laudable objects."

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