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Pallavi Aga



Doctor promoting food and exercise as medicine

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

MEATrition author
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For all those who argue ad nauseum about #lowcarb !! I'm a doctor and I'm not an idiot to tell people to stay off medicines and focus on inner immunity and health. All my life I struggled with a hypocaloric high carb diet. That's why I feel deeply about this whole topic. 

I was a plump child and was always told to eat less and exercise more. I was always hungry. I grew up to a fat teen with a terrible body image. It drives me up the wall to see people unnecessarily arguing about the so called balanced diet. I tried all gimmicks : Alas 

Thank God that I came across #IntermittentFasting and #lowcarb. It's never about #weight. It's about #Health. #weightloss and a #positiveattitude is the by product. Thank you to all those who have been a part. I'm 3 years menopausal now. And pretty much fit for my age. #fit

Apart from being fat  I had low #Immunity, #bodyaches and pains and extreme #lethargy. Even #depression!! It's not a joke guys : incorrect information can really harm people !!

Important #investigations :  

General blood picture  




Lipid profile : TG HDL ratio  


Fasting insulin  

Random blood sugar 

CAC scan.  

Thyroid tests.

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