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Ryan Attar



Connecticut Integrative Medical Center

Fairfield, CT, USA

MEATrition author
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Dr. Attar is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and nutritionist currently practicing in Fairfield Connecticut at the Connecticut Integrative Medical Center. Dr. Attar is an expert in diabetes and weight loss. He treats many children with diabetes too. He has been living in thriving with diabetes since 2007.

He offers a personalized treatment plan for diabetes as well as other chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, allergies, pain management, skin conditions, and many more.

Dr. Ryan Attar is a Naturopathic Physician & Nutritionist currently practicing in Fairfield, Connecticut. Dr. Attar has also been living with T1 diabetes since 2007. He was diagnosed while serving in the US Army, where he advanced to the rank of Captain.   

After his diagnosis he was medically retired from the Army, and became frustrated with the way diabetes is managed by nearly all doctors. He began to educate himself on health, nutrition and diabetes, and saw his blood sugars normalize to non-diabetic levels.   

He is an advocate for the low carbohydrate management of diabetes, and follows the method of Dr. Richard Bernstein, who he had the opportunity to shadow with as a student. Dr. Attar's frustration with the standard management of diabetes inspired him to change careers and go back to school first for a master's in human nutrition, followed by a doctorate in naturopathic medicine.   Dr. Attar has been exploring the carnivore diet for the past 3 years, and feels his health has never been better. Most notably, thyroid antibodies and TSH both lowered since following a carnivore diet. He recommends this way of eating to many of his patients.   Dr. Attars other interests including jiujitsu (currently a blue belt), CrossFit, and traveling (having been to 75 countries).

His Pinned Post shows that he had a 4.6 HbA1c in Feb 2021 which is shockingly good for a Type 1 Diabetic.

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