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Kwakiutl Point, Mount Waddington B, British Columbia V0N 3L0, Canada

First Contact:

gather% / fish % / hunt %
fat % / protein % / carb%

A rough estimate to help us understand how carnivorous and how ketogenic these people were before being exposed to western civilization

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About the Tribe

Boas's material on Kwakiutl subsistence activities, mainly in the form of native texts with translations (Boas, 1909, pp. 461- 516; 192 1 , part I ), gives the native view of a number of food-getting and food-storing techniques and a great many recipes. In these texts we see what was important to the informant, but do not always find the answers to questions the ethnographer would ask. From some, however, we can make inferences about quantities of food taken and consumed.


Importance of Animal Products

Importance of Plants

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Transition to Industrialized Food Products

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