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Dietary mismatches might cause deleterious feedback loops.

Dysevolution may happen in hypocarnivorous scenarios


Harvard biologist Daniel Lieberman: Lieberman defines dysevolution as “the deleterious feedback loop that occurs over multiple generations when we don’t treat the causes of a mismatch disease but instead pass on whatever environmental factors cause the disease, keeping the disease prevalent and sometimes making it worse.” A “mismatch disease” begins “when we get sick or injured from an evolutionary mismatch that results from being inadequately adapted to a change in the body’s environment.” You can read more about dysevolution in Lieberman’s book The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Dis­ease (New York: Pantheon, 2013); the quote is from p. 176. See also Jeff Wheelwright, “From Diabetes to Athlete’s Foot, Our Bodies Are Maladapted for Modern Life,” Discover, Apr. 2, 2015,


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