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January 17, 1871

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The detailed observations of Dr Cantani prove that the carnivore diet cures diabetes if the patient commits to it. Observations 31 - 40 are listed.





Diabetes Mellitus and its dietetic treatment


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OBSERVATION XXXI. The priest Francesco Antonio San Ger- mano, parish priest of Carrano, aged 54, ate almost exclusively on flour. On January 17, 1871, he had 75 gr. Of sugar per liter of urine (plus 10 gr. Of albumin), and on April 5, 51 gr., Of sugar (and 5 gr. Of albumin); submitted to my treatment and received at the clinic, his urine became free of sugar, and remained so, even with a mixed diet, until the last news I received. 

OBSERVATION XXXII. Canon Francesco G. de Serra S. Bruno (Catanzaro), 65 years old, great lover of amacés, came on July 12, 1872, with 50 gr. of sugar per liter of urine, with the specific gravity of 1023: let, after a few days of treatment, they weighed 1015 and the sugar had disappeared. The patient continued to be well, even with a mixed diet, but for some time I have not heard from him. 

OBSERVATION XXXIII. - Lawyer Michelangelo T., 37 years old, from Trani, lover of flour, diabetic for an undetermined time; on January 17, 1872, his morning urine contained 60 gr. of sugar per liter, and those he had emitted in the evening (the same number of hours after the meal) 160 gr. per liter; after three days of treatment, his urine was free of sugar; I saw the patient again on June 9, 1872, the urine was examined again, and found absolutely normal, although for several months the patient had returned to mixed food. 

OBSERVATION XXXIV. Mrs C. 22 year old from S., daughter of a man who died of diabetes. She herself cannot yet be considered diabetic in the truest sense of the word, but whenever she eats a lot of candy she becomes thirsty with polyuria, and at this time her urine contains sugar. It is an intermittent diabetes, which threatens to transform into continuous diabetes, if this lady, warned of the danger did not know how to limit herself much in the use of flour, and did not especially renounce the abuse of sweets. In short, it is a beginning diabetes, it is the beginnings of diabetes, which do not require a rigorous cure, but only a rational diet, not free from flour, but from any excess of bread, pasta, fruit and sweets, a mixed food and sufficiently rich in nitrogen. 

OBSERVATION XXXV. - Mr. Vincenzo d'A., Owner, aged 38, from Trigiano (Bari), ill for three years not general and also mental weakness, impotence, thirst, moderate hunger; he lost weight considerably, so as to lose 12 kilograms in about two years. He did eat a little meat, but mostly bread and pasta. Following a consultation in 1869 with a distinguished professor from Naples, he took arsenic, and later strychnine, but to no avail. In October 1870, Doctor Nicola Scarpelli, of Trigiano, subjected him to my curative method, which he did not follow rigorously, however, because he continued to eat a little bread. His condition improved a lot, but as he did not heal completely, he came to me on May 2, 1871, with 16 gr. only sugar per liter of urine, in order to heal itself completely. After only twenty-four hours of rigorous treatment, the urine was free of sugar. I lost sight of this patient too quickly to be sure that the treatment was continued, and to know the final result. 

OBSERVATION XXXVI. Mr. Giuseppe 1., 45 years old, from Castellamare di Stabia, a great starch lover, recognized as diabetic for about a year, and treated as such for eight months by other Neapolitan doctors and professors, presented himself to Professor Primavera on November 19, 1870, after having followed a diet in which meat dominated for several months: he still had 75 gr. of sugar per liter of urine, and this had the specific gravity of 1032. Professor Primavera recommended that he strictly follow the treatment I instituted, but the patient, always taking certain liberties, we never succeeded in having the urine free from sugar. On March 16, 1871, his urine still weighed 1032, and still contained 75 gr. of sugar per liter. At this moment the cure was applied with all its rigor, and after only fifteen days, the urine was completely deprived of sugar; but the patient, relying too much on this result, returned almost immediately to the use of bread, pasta and sweetened coffee, and resumed the dryness of the mouth, thirst, polyuria: on May 17, his urine contained still 40 gr. of sugar per liter, and their specific weight was 1030. The treatment resumed rigorously, on June 2, the urine weighed only 1020, and the sugar was again entirely absent. I do not know whether the patient has had enough perseverance later on to continue the treatment for a sufficient time to be sure of not having a relapse. 

OBSERVATION XXXVII. Mr. Nicola dell 'E., aged 51, judge, from Castellana de Bari, lover of starchy foods, has suffered for three years from thirst, hunger and polyuria, and also from torpor of the limbs, great general weakness and impotence. The presence of sugar in the urine was noted in March 1871, when he began to cough, to have amblyopia; already he had grown extraordinarily thin. The urine examined at this time contained 48 gr. of sugar per liter, and presented the specific gravity of 1028. A distinguished doctor ordered my rigorous diet, more quina and arsenic: the patient was better anyway, and the sugar disappeared from the urine; however digestion was hurting. It was then that the patient came to see me. The addition to the absolute meat diet, 5 gr. of lactic acid per day, made digestion easy, and possible the continuation of the cure. All symptoms improved rapidly, thirst and urine returned to normal, and within days, manly potency returned. On June 16, 1871, the urine was again examined in Naples: it was entirely free of sugar. I learned again in July 1874 that M. dell 'E. was in perfect health. 

OBSERVATION XXXVIII. - Madame Cristina P., aged 33, from Salerno, a great friend of sweets, presented on September 14, 1870, for analysis by Professor Primavera, urine with a specific weight of 1038, with 140 gr. of sugar per liter, and diabetic symptoms, especially high polyuria, with thirst and weight loss. She was subjected to the treatment, I do not know for how long. A year ago a doctor assured me that she was doing very well. 

OBSERVATION XXXIX. - Doctor Sch., Of Basilicata, aged 40, became diabetic, after having abused flour and sweets, a little also coffee, and after prolonged grief: after noticing the disease in him , he submitted to my treatment: after only four days, the urine was completely free of sugar, and remained such until January 1874, when I heard from one of his parents, a distinguished professor at the Polytechnic School of Naples. 

OBSERVATION XL. - The lawyer Domenico B., from Conversano, aged 50, amylivore par excellence, and diabetic for three years, with notable worsening of symptoms for eight months, presented, on April 26, 1872, urine with a specific weight of 1030, and containing 35 gr. of sugar plus half a gram of albumin per liter. The patient undergoing rigorous treatment, his urine was examined again on May 3: it was absolutely free from sugar; the same on May 15 and 30. Since then I have heard of the complete recovery of this patient, although he had long since returned to mixed food.

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