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September 30, 1874

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Cantani divides his patients based on the status of their recovery using the all meat diet "My 73 cases of recovery can be divided, from the point of view of a rigorous recovery statistic, into 8 categories" and described his first category of "Cases cured and remained in good health to this day" to have 30 cases!





Diabetes Mellitus and its dietetic treatment


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My 73 cases of recovery can be divided, from the point of view of a rigorous recovery statistic, into 8 categories: 

  1. Category. - Cases cured and remained in good health to this day (September 1874): these are numbers I, V, VI, VIII, XII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVIII, XIX, XXII, XXIII, XXXII, XXXVII, XXXIX , XLII, XLIII, XLV, XLVII, LI, LII, LIII, LIV, LV, LXII, LXIII, LXIV, LXVI, LXVII, LXXII. In all thirty cases. 

  2. Category.- Case of diabetes cured, dead, more than a year after returning to mixed food, due to any recurrent disease, without the sugar ever reappearing in the urine. These are numbers IX, X and XI. Three cases. 

  3. Category. - Cases of diabetes cured and remained notoriously healthy for a very long time, until the latest news, but not seen for some time. In this category we must classify nos III, VII, XX, XXI, XXIV, XXV, XXVI, XXVIII, XXXI, XXXIII, XXXV, XXXVIII, XL, XLI, XLIV, XLVI, XLVIII, XLIX, L, LVI, LVII, LVIII, LIX, LXI, LXXI. Or twenty-five cases. 

  4. Category. - Case of diabetes cured, enough to be able to return to a mixed diet, but having fallen ill again, following a new abuse of flour, pasta and sweets, and cured again by treatment. Nos. IV, XIII, XVII, XXVII, XXX, XXXVI, LX. Or seven cases. 

  5. Category. - Case of diabetes cured recently, being able to use moderately flour, fruits and even sweets, without the sugar reappearing in the urine: these are nos LXV, LXVIII, LXIX, LXX. In all four cases. 

  6. Category. - Cases of diabetes that have remained intermittent at long intervals, when the patient abuses sweets: Let there be two cases to this point numbers XXIX, XXXIV. The transient intermittence of diabetes was also observed in case XXX after recovery obtained: but here it was followed by the complete return of diabetes with its most terrible phenomena. There is still intermittence in the LVIII case, when the patient, recovery obtained, returns to the use of starchy foods. Finally, it was noted again in the LIX case, and there it came after abuse of the hay-fed, when the patient had taken a meal too loaded with hydrocarbons; it is cured by a return to treatment. In the LVIII and LIX cases, diabetic intermittence was observed with regular intervals, and with a very exact daily type: melituria then depended solely on meals; once the sugar that the organic forces had not been able to transform, it disappeared once again: this was a form of diabetes beginning in which the daily return of meals at the same times leads to a regular return of sugar with the daily type. (Author's note.)

  7. Category. Case of diabetes cured, but became ill again a long time later, having returned to an almost exclusively starchy diet, and died as a result of diabetes, for not having resumed treatment. Here we must note case II. So there is only one. 

  8. Category. - Case cured for a short time and therefore not yet assured of recovery, then became slightly ill again following a premature abuse of prohibited foods, and finally died, not by the fact of diabetes, but by an intercurrent disease. Here we must cite the case LXXIII. So there is only one.

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