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January 1, 1962

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Dr Donaldson describes his use of meat diet in curing diseases in New York City.





Strong Medicine

Blake F. Donaldson


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Dr. Donaldson in STRONG MEDICINE expresses his personal concept of treatment for six highly important and frequently deadly diseases--arteriosclerosis, osteoarthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and gall bladder disease. His book is interesting, informative, humorous, and highly controversial.

"From what I have observed, a half pound of meat per meal is the minimum quantity needed to maintain the work of repair of body cells."

"Oh, there were dozens of questions I wanted to discuss with Stefannsson, so Fred Taylor brought him out to my home on Long Island. Some steamed clams and a good steak loosened him up, and we sat around a beach fire and talked for hours. He proved to be a mine of information. As I remember his conversation, it went something like this..."

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A doctor or medical professional who studies or promotes exclusive meat diets
Carnivore Diet
The carnivore diet involves eating only animal products such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, marrow, meat broths, organs. There are little to no plants in the diet.
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