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January 1, 1900

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Ellen G White writes in her diary that she feels led by God to go to Australia. She would eventually found a Sanitarium there which would become involved in the food business.





4BIO 15.3 -Ellen G White's Diary


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"This morning my mind is anxious and troubled in regard to my duty. Can it be the will of God that I go to Australia? This involves a great deal with me. I have not special light to leave America for this far-off country. Nevertheless, if I knew it was the voice of God, I would go. But I cannot understand this matter." 4BIO 15.3 -Ellen G White's Diary

Ellen G White came to Australia to set up not only the Seventh-day Adventist Church's Printing Press, Hospital (Sydney Adventist Hospital) schools and College (Avondale) but also a Health Food business - Sanitarium, based on Kellogg's model but this time have the Church own it, and the profits... Sanitarium is the Church's most successful food industry world-wide and has either factories or distribution centres in 40+ countries. (Can check and substantiate) Sanitarium comes under the Church's charity status and as such pays no tax on the sale of any of its products, services or investments!! Her quote

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7th Day Adventist Church
The 7th Day Adventist (SDA) Church is a Christian sect that became popular in the 1850's and promoted a vegetarian diet due to the hallucinations of Ellen G White.
Pro-Vegetarian Pro-Vegan
Vegetarian Myth
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