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June 11, 1930

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The Sugar Institute boasts in a pamphlet how their marketing to children grew the market while citing "doctors and dietitians approve this use of sugar"





The Millions who read the newspapers learn the truth abouth sugar from these advertisements.


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Guess what ingredient is missing from this Apple Sauce Recipe

Pare, core and quarter several juicy, sour apples. Put them in a saucepan and cook with just enough water to keep them from burning. Add a dash of cinnamon and a little lemon juice. Cool and serve.

You only need one guess. Sugar is missing. And if you add sugar "to taste" just before you take your apple sauce from the stove, you w ill have the utmost in flavorful goodness.

Very often you wonder how to improve foods which are lacking in flavor or appetite-appeal. In most cases a dash of sugar is all that is necessary. This is especially true in the preparation of vegetables. Just try a dash of sugar to a pinch of salt in cooking spinach, carrots, string beans, tomatoes and peas. You'll be surprised at the way sugar improves the distinctive flavor of each vegetable. 

When you consider that vegetables, cereals and fruit are essential in the diet for the vitamins, mineral salts and roughage they contain, you will realize the importance of making these foods appeal to the appetities of young and old. Most foods are more delicious and nourishing with sugar. The Sugar Institute.


Especially in the Diet of Growing Children

Puddings made of rice, tapioca or cornstarch; custards and ice cream are appropriate desserts for the development of the growing child who is underweight.

Such a dessert not only supplements the other food in the meal but causes the child to leave the table satisfied. And if the desserts are presented in pleasing variety, there will be no fear of the child rejecting any of them, thereby missing their nourishing content of milk, eggs and other essential foods.

The part sugar plays in making these desserts appealing should be considered in relation to other foods. Those which are carriers of vitamins, minerals and roughage can be made as inviting as desserts by the use of sugar as a flavor. Cabbage, onions, cauliflower, turnips, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, parsnips, peas and other vegetables--canned or fresh-- are much improved in appetitizing qualities when seasoned with a dash of sugar to a pinch of salt. Likewise sugar is ideal on fruits and cereals. 

Doctors and dietitians approve this use of sugar. For, when the flavor of a food is inviting to the taste, the flow of gastric juices is increased, thus aiding digestion. Good food promotes good health. The Sugar Institute.

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Corporate Takeover of Nutrition
The nutrition science community have been widely laughed at as being co-opted by corporate interests to push their products as marketing. Evidence that leads to these conclusions.
Big Sugar
Big Sugar is based on organizations like ILSI and The Sugar Association. They promote sugar as part of a healthy, balanced diet, but ignore many of the cons of sugar consumption.
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