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Dietary intake and biomarker status of folate in Swedish adults

Öhrvik, Veronica; Lemming, Eva Warensjö; Nälsén, Cecilia; Becker, Wulf; Ridefelt, Peter; Lindroos, Anna Karin

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Purpose: National data on folate status are missing in Sweden, and regional data indicate folate insufficiency in up to more than 25% of the study populations. The objectives were to determine folate intake and status in the adult Swedish population as well as identifying dietary patterns associated with beneficial folate status.Methods: Folate intake was estimated using a web-based 4-d food record in adults aged 18-80 years (n = 1797). Folate status was measured as erythrocyte (n = 282) and plasma folate concentrations (n = 294). Factor analysis was used to derive a dietary pattern associated with a higher folate status.Results: Median folate intake was 246 µg/day (Q1 = 196, Q3 = 304, n = 1797) and for women of reproductive age 227 µg/day (Q1 = 181, Q3 = 282, n = 450). As dietary folate equivalents (DFE), median intake was 257 µg/day (Q1 = 201, Q3 = 323) and for women of reproductive age 239 µg/day (Q1 = 185, Q3 = 300). Low blood folate concentrations were found in 2% (erythrocyte concentrations <317 nmol/L) and 4% (plasma concentrations 

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Female; Adult; Young Adult; Aged; Dietary Supplements; Prevalence; Human; Diet Records; Diet, Western; Meat; Sweden; Vegetables; Erythrocytes; Middle Age; Factor Analysis; Aged, 80 and Over; Cheese; Adolescence; Alcoholic Beverages; Fertilization; Plant Roots; Biological Markers -- Blood -- Sweden; Folic Acid -- Blood -- Sweden; Food Intake -- In Adulthood; Neural Tube Defects -- Prevention and Control

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