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Acute anti-hyperglycaemic effects of an unripe apple preparation containing phlorizin in healthy volunteers: a preliminary study

Makarova, Elina; Górnaś, Paweł; Konrade, Ilze; Tirzite, Dace; Cirule, Helena; Gulbe, Anita; Pugajeva, Iveta; Seglina, Dalija; Dambrova, Maija

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PMID: 24917557


BACKGROUND: The health-promoting properties of apples are directly related to the biologically active compounds that they contain, such as polyphenols. The objective of this study was to prepare a low-sugar, fibre- and phlorizin-enriched powder from unripe apples and to gain insight regarding its anti-hyperglycaemic activity in healthy volunteers. RESULTS: The unripe apples (Malus domestica Borkh.) were collected 30 days after the full bloom day; blanched and pressed to obtain apple pomace which was then processed with a food cutter, oven-dried and milled to prepare apple powder. The concentrations of total sugars, water-soluble pectin and phlorizin in the apple preparation were 153.44 ± 2.46, 27.73 ± 0.51 and 12.61 ± 0.15 g kg(-1), respectively. Acute ingestion of the apple preparation improved glucose metabolism in the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) in six healthy volunteers by reducing the postprandial glucose response at 15 to 30 min by approximately two-fold (P < 0.05) and by increasing urinary glucose excretion during the 2- to 4-h interval of the OGTT by five-fold (P

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Female; Humans; Reference Values; Dietary Sucrose; Plant Extracts; Blood Glucose; Hypoglycemic Agents; Healthy Volunteers; Dietary Fiber; Hyperglycemia; Postprandial Period; polyphenols; Polyphenols; Fruit; glucose excretion; Malus; Pectins; Phlorhizin; phlorizin; Powders; unripe apples

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