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Comparing metabolite profiles of habitual diet in serum and urine

Playdon, Mary C.; Sampson, Joshua N.; Cross, Amanda J.; Sinha, Rashmi; Guertin, Kristin A.; Moy, Kristin A.; Rothman, Nathaniel; Irwin, Melinda L.; Mayne, Susan T.; Stolzenberg-Solomon, Rachael; Moore, Steven C.

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Background: Diet plays an important role in chronic disease etiology, but some diet-disease associations remain inconclusive because of methodologic limitations in dietary assessment. Metabolomics is a novel method for identifying objective dietary biomarkers, although it is unclear what dietary information is captured from metabolites found in serum compared with urine. Objective: We compared metabolite profiles of habitual diet measured from serum with those measured from urine. Design: We first estimated correlations between consumption of 56 foods, beverages, and supplements assessed by a food-frequency questionnaire, with 676 serum and 848 urine metabolites identified by untargeted liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, ultra-high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry, and gas chromatography mass spectrometry in a colon adenoma case-control study (n = 125 cases and 128 controls) while adjusting for age, sex, smoking, fasting, case-control status, body mass index, physical activity, education, and caloric intake. We controlled for multiple comparisons with the use of a false discovery rate of

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