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Invited Review: Measurable biomarkers linked to meat quality from different pig production systems

Te Pas, M.F.W.; Lebret, B.; Oksbjerg, N.

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Biological processes underlie all livestock traits, including post-mortem meat quality traits. Biomarkers are molecular components of the biological processes showing differential expression associated with the phenotype of the trait. The phenotypes of the meat quality traits are determined by the animal's genotype interacting with the environment affecting the expression of the genome. The omics technologies enable measuring the expression of the genome at all levels: Transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome. Associations between the phenotype of the traits and expressions measured with the omics techniques are a first step in developing biomarkers. Biomarkers enable the monitoring, diagnosis, and prediction of changes in meat quality related to external (environmental, e.g. feed and animal management conditions) stimuli and interactions with the genotype. In this paper we review the development of biomarkers for meat quality of pigs in diverse pig breeds, environments, and pork production chains.

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