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Multiplatform metabolomic fingerprinting as a tool for understanding hypercholesterolemia in Wistar rats

González-Peña, Diana; Dudzik, Danuta; Colina-Coca, Clara; Ancos, Begoña; García, Antonia; Barbas, Coral; Sánchez-Moreno, Concepción

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Purpose: The aim was to investigate the impact of hypercholesterolemic diet on the metabolome of male Wistar rats by a multiplatform metabolomic fingerprinting. Methods: Male Wistar rats were fed with two different diets [control (C) and high-cholesterol diet (HC)-containing 2 % cholesterol and 0.5 % cholic acid]. After 7 weeks of experimental feeding, the rats were euthanized for blood collection and plasma recovery. The metabolite fingerprint was then achieved by applying a multiplatform comprising LC-MS, GC-MS and CE-MS. Results: Multivariate statistical analysis showed a clear separation between the C and HC groups. Individual differences in metabolites were evaluated using univariate statistical analysis, and multiple metabolites were identified and confirmed in the plasma. A global profiling integrates for the first time pathways affected by high-cholesterol diet intake and allowed us to elucidate some of the associated alterations underlying the hypercholesterolemia event in Wistar rats. Conclusions: HC feeding stimulated the alteration of multiple pathways in Wistar rats, warning of the risk of developing important diseases, which can be modulated by the diet. Further studies are required to investigate the possibilities to revert or ameliorate the negative effects triggered by HC intake.

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Energy Metabolism; Rats; Signal Transduction; Confidence Intervals; Multivariate Analysis; Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry; Electrophoresis; Mass Spectrometry; Animal Studies; Chromatography, Liquid; Data Analysis Software; Descriptive Statistics; Funding Source; In Vivo Studies; Biochemical Phenomena; P-Value; T-Tests; Spain; Lipids -- Metabolism; Food Intake -- Evaluation; Histological Techniques; Cholesterol, Dietary -- Administration and Dosage; Univariate Statistics; Cholesterol, Dietary -- Pharmacodynamics; Hypercholesterolemia -- Metabolism; Weight Gain -- Evaluation

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