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Metabolically unhealthy and overweight phenotypes are associated with increased levels of inflammatory cytokines, in a population-based study

Ferreira, Fabrícia Geralda; Reitz, Luiza Kuhnen; Valmorbida, Aline; Gabiatti, Mariana Papini; Hansen, Fernanda; Pietro, Patrícia Faria Di; de Oliveira, Leandro Licursi; Trindade, Erasmo Benício Santos de Moraes; Longo, Giana Zarbato

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January 8, 2022



Objective The aim of this study is to determine the association between cytokine levels in metabolic phenotypes. Our hypothesis is that an unhealthy metabolic profile is associated to higher levels of proinflammatory cytokines. Research Methods & Procedures The sample is composed of 743 Brazilian adult individuals classified in four phenotypes: metabolically healthy normal weight (MHNW), metabolically unhealthy normal weight (MUNW), metabolically healthy overweight (MHOW) and metabolically unhealthy overweight (MUOW). Sociodemographic, anthropometric, clinical and biochemical parameters were collected. Six different cytokines were analyzed from blood samples using the CBA Human Inflammatory cytokines kit and the values divided in quartiles for analysis. Logistic regression models were constructed to assess the association between metabolic phenotypes and cytokines concentrations, adjusted for potential confounders and p

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Inflammation; Visceral adiposity; Cytokines; Metabolically phenotypes

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