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Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 7.41.52 PM.png is a website dedicated to the science and history of the carnivorous way of eating - where people accept that eating plants is optional and... possibly problematic. It previously used the url: but I decided to change it. 

A few 2022 Updates:

  1. This website has been cited in a book! The Great Plant-Based Con! "Travis Statham's website,, which is 'dedicated to the science and history of a carnivorous way of eating', attracts new members every day, many of whom submit their stories of health regained via the diet." - I believe the author is talking about my Notable Carnivore Meatritionists Page but you can submit your own stories using my new anecdote collection.

  2. I made a new Twitter Account: MEATritioncom and YouTube Account (embedded video above)

  3. The Harvard Carnivore Science Survey I helped design questions for is now out, please read the whole thing: Behavioral Characteristics and Self-Reported Health Status among 2029 Adults Consuming a “Carnivore Diet” Conclusions: Contrary to common expectations, adults consuming a carnivore diet experienced few adverse effects and instead reported health benefits and high satisfaction.

  4. One of my favorite papers of 2021 that argues for carnivory was published by my friends Miki Ben-Dor and Raphi Sirtoli: The evolution of the human trophic level during the Pleistocene: We adapt a paleobiological and paleoecological approach, including evidence from human physiology and genetics, archaeology, paleontology, and zoology, and identified 25 sources of evidence in total. The evidence shows that the trophic level of the Homo lineage that most probably led to modern humans evolved from a low base to a high, carnivorous position during the Pleistocene, beginning with Homo habilis and peaking in Homo erectus.

  5. I'm a moderator of over 50 reddit communities. Find a list here:  Want to learn how to make a Reddit account, and use Reddit like a pro? Watch my videos and read my rationale for why you should use it. There are many other smaller subreddits worth joining that you will see posted here.

  6. I just moved to Logan, Utah and I'm helping run clinical trials & metabolomics investigations. I'm taking classes for a Masters degree in August! I am already planning new clinical trial studies on all-meat diets. 

  7. My Notable Carnivores page got a big update and now has nearly 100 people. I'm lovingly calling them 'Meatritionists'. Add this word to your vocabulary! 

  8. I'm opening up membership to the site, and seeing if allowing people to add their own entries is useful. 

  9. I reorganized the menu and pages

  10. I've added a MeatHeals anecdote section where you can post your story and any websites or social media

Check the pages under Home and Science to see my advice on how to eat carnivore. 

I have databases chock full of interesting information that is constantly being updated. For instance, I might read a physical book or one on or google books, add it to my Book database, add the Author to my Person database, and then add 10-50 entries to my history database. Then I might update my ethnology database to include the new information from the book. Hopefully, I can have the community help me build these databases since they take time to create and can be made better with more sources. 

Please peruse and share interesting entries:

Travis Statham


I'm a Masters student in Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. 

I moderate r/keto4 r/RedMeatScience, r/RedMeatPolitics, r/ExVegans , r/Meatropology, and Facebook's World Carnivore Tribe.

I'm interested in studying how nutrients transfer from the soil to plants to ruminant animals and all the way to humans.

I want to study how eating ruminant animals such as beef and lamb prevents malnutrition of protein, fat, and micronutrients - does the soil quality or percentage of grain in the diet change the quality of the meat?

I'm also curious in studying the usage of the carnivore diet in treating chronic non-communicable disease. I think we can take lessons from evolution, history, and ethnology and apply them to modern nutrition. I hope to use the carnivore diet to study its efficiency in treating specific diseases such as diabetes type 2 and type 1, cancer, heart disease, gout, psoriasis, eczema, Crohn's, IBS, IBD, UC. There have been clues for 200 years that this is approach is worth learning about. 

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About this site

Explore the resources and learn the history and science behind the Carnivore Diet / zerocarb / low carb / ketogenic / no plants diet -  CarniWay, a way of life. This primarily meat-based way of eating is built around nutrient dense animal products high in saturated fat, cholesterol, and bioavailable amino acids. I hope to help you gain confidence that adopting a CarniWay life can be a healthy long-term lifestyle. Get a membership so you can read and share content that stands out as important to you! 

I am also available for consultations to go over information. I want to hear about your journey and your current diet and lifestyle so we can figure out how to adapt it for long term success on a meat-based diet. I know of all the people you need to know about, all the books, all the podcasts, all the key information, but I also know of all the variations within the CarniWay. I've talked to key veterans within the space who are experts in doing carnivorous diets for long lengths of time. I want to help expose the dozens of doctors who support the CarniWay and the scientific research and anecdotes that influenced their decision to adopt the CarniWay themselves.

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