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Why join r/KetoScience?

I wanted to write a quick guide on how and why we can use is actively developed with phenomenal features, has excellent mobile apps, and is easy to learn and use. It is easy to check in over the course of a day and see subreddits your care about and any new posts, especially on your smartphone. Think of it as a supercharged forum website as important as Twitter or Facebook. It's also similar to


Why I want to push for more scientists and doctors and clinicians and dietitians to use


  1. Moderation: I've been moderating the subreddit for 3 years and have produced a fairly safe public discussion place where civil discussion can happen about keto without dealing with the consensus and vegan agitators that can spin threads out of control. It's focused on science and discussion with plenty of room for wonder and anecdotes. We also moderate spam and easy to answer questions. 

  2. Database: The subreddit acts as a public database or repository of new science - Reddit itself works as a game where you try to submit compelling posts to a subreddit based on a certain topic. Great posts accumulate 'Karma' which is just the net upvotes a post gets - and they become more viral and widespread.

  3. Up to Date: We have a bunch of people all looking for relevant keto science articles and posting them to the subreddit. Personally, I follow hundreds of doctors on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and then repost their links and science posts back to Reddit so we have one place to keep track of everything. Another guy created a script to repost search results on ketogenic diets to the subreddit. Then we have lots of other posters finding interesting links across the internet. I'm hoping to cut out the middleman(me) and link the community directly to the source(you). 

  4. Post Flair: The subreddit has something called Post Flair - which allows us to add one custom tag to a post to organize it. Posts can be organized and searched using Post Flair for easier access. 

  5. User Flair: The subreddit has User Flair - this allows us to put custom text next to a Reddit Username - in effect - you could write your real name, credentials, or website in the User Flair and any post or comment you write can be seen with that.

  6. Detailed Posts: We generally post new studies - a link to the doi or pubmed site, a link to the sci-hub link, we copy in the whole abstract, and then we copy and paste screenshots or images from graphs. It basically means we can write really great blog posts in just minutes and post them to a giant community of 123,000 people.

  7. Post Anecdotes: You can post anecdotes of your own patients - before and after images - a short blog post on why the patient needed keto and what it helped her with - answering questions in the comments. 

  8. Authors of Science Articles - By posting your own article to the subreddit - you'll get notified of any comments on it - and you can get feedback that way. We can start doing mini-Ask Me Anythings any time you publish a new paper.

  9. Journalists could actually use Reddit discussion links to new science in articles to help explain ketogenic diets to the public. They could quote you - and you can help debunk bad or biased science - like the next egg cholesterol epidemiology study. So a new study comes out - someone posts it to r/ketoscience - then we get 5 official comments on it from verified doctors and write a quick counter article with quotes. And anyone could come to the subreddit seeking more clarification. 

Challenge 1: I want doctors, physicians, dentists, researchers, journalists, smart trustworthy people to:

  • Make an account with their name in it: DrFirstLast or LastMD or KetoLastNameMD - or whatever your Twitter account already is - keep it standardized. 

  • (You can also be anonymous - we have a user named KetosisMD and I don't know who he is)

  • Add a short bio to your Profile ("I'm Dr First Last, a family physician from San Antonio supporting keto and carnivore diets - my website is").

  • Add an Image of you for your Avatar. 

  • Link your Twitter account (make a Twitter account if you don't have one) in User Settings: Account -> there's a field and a toggle button to turn it on. 

  • Join r/ketoscience 

  • Reddit works by joining lots of subreddits and then seeing a stream of their latest posts - other ones you can join are: r/keto r/zerocarb r/NutritionCoalition r/NutritionalPsychiatry r/LowCarbAction r/ketoNews r/Keto4Diabetes r/KetoScienceDatabase - you may be able to find new subreddits to join along the sidebar on the desktop website. 

  • Download the Reddit app on your Android or iPhone and sign in. Actively subscribe to subreddits - then check your home page to see them all together.

  • Refresh the subreddit's posts every morning or during coffee breaks

  • Read interesting posts, read comments

Challenge 2: The second part is Interaction:

  • Commenting and posting is free marketing

  • You can post your blogs as links to get new readers (as long as its not too spammy)

  • Simply commenting a short summary of the important points that stood out to you when reading a science paper means hundreds or thousands of people might read your comment, and several will respond with comments or clarifying questions. 

  • Reddit has great notification support and threaded comments - each comment can be UPvoted or DOWNvoted and thus you can see how popular different sentiments or ideas in the community is. 

Challenge 3: By interacting in a large community - you build a home

  • This is extremely helpful - we can have useful and relevant discussions there - with each other and the public at large - you can share a reddit link and ask for even more feedback. 

  • Constant stream of the latest science news relating to keto - impossible to keep track of it all - we all need help - we all need to support each other in keeping track of it all.

  • Instead of having a Twitter argument across 15 interlocutors and a confusing mix of tweets and retweets - we can post a reddit link to a discussion where you can use thousands of characters in your arguments - and the threading is far easier to keep track of.

  • Facebook groups do a poor job of organizing science - the posts aren't so easy to organize chronologically. 

  • Google Groups is aging software that is hard to use. For instance, no mobile apps, and refreshing takes a while.

  • Twitter is confusing and toxic at times, hard to have discussions, and hard to find old posts. 

Challenge 4: Share this link to other people you want to interact with. We make this community better one member at a time. 

Challenge 5: The video below is 90 minutes long and goes into much more detail on how to create posts, use reddit, sci-hub, and zotero. It's not required to watch but it is exhaustive and I'll include it for completeness. 

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