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Dr. Shawn Baker

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Dr. Kevin Stock

Dr. Paul Saladino

Dr. Robert Pastore

Dr. David Unwin

Dr. Michael Eades M.D.

Dr. Tro Kalayjian

Dr. Paul Mason

Dr. Csaba Tóth

Dr. Anthony Chaffee

Dr. Georgia Ede

Dr. Ted Naiman

Dr. Gary Fettke

Dr. Benjamin Bikman

Dr. Peter Ballerstedt

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Dr. Bret Scher

Nutritionist Amy Berger

Professor Tim Noakes

Professor Stuart Phillips

Journalist Nina Teicholz

Ph.D Miki Ben-Dor

FACEBOOK GROUPS - World Carnivore Tribe started by Dr. Shawn Baker - Zeroing In On Health started by Charles Washington 8 years ago - Principia Carnivora started by Michael Frieze 3 years ago - 100% Carnivore...and Beyond! started by Phil Escott - Carnivore Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet Support Group - Carnivore/Keto Diet - Autistic Carnivores - Animal Fat RX - RAW-some Zero Carb Carnivore Sanctuary - Women Carnivore Tribe - Carnivore Corner - Keto Carnivore IF - Zero Carb Doc started by Dr. Paul Mabry - Zero Carb: Living the Good Life - Carnivore Diet For Total Gut Healing Gastritis Crohn's IBS Colitis - Low Carb Down Under - Carnivore/Keto Nation ( Official ) - GAPS (GAPS Diet Group) - Trying Low Oxalates (TLO) - Cats Completely Raw And Proud (Cat CRAP) [Raw meat for cats] - Mind Body Breakthroughs

WEBSITES…/owsley-the-bear-stanley/ - Read about The Bear - who coined the 'zerocarb' nomenclature and did the diet for 53 years until his untimely death in a car accident. - General information and wiki - Dr. Kevin Stock - N=1 Anecdotes (@bitstein and @sbakermd run it)…/carnivore-diet-success-st…/  - L Amber O'Hearn (start of a book)… - L Amber O'Hearn - Dr Georgia Ede…/board,5.0/sort,views/desc.html - Tons of old forum posts about various topics! - Don't Eat That! Blog - Blog of Dr Paul Mabry

REDDIT - science about ketogenic / carnivorous eating - largest carnivore diet subreddit - largest general purpose keto subreddit

YouTube Channels


Carnivory Con - March 2019 - Boulder, Colorado 

Low Carb Down Under - Low Carb Denver - Conferences aimed at Low Carb Doctors

Ketofest Science Sunday Morning - 2019

Ketofest Science Sunday Afternoon - 2019

Physicians for Ancestral Health - Paleo and Carnivore and Low Carb

Public Health Collaboration - UK Conference

Ancestry Foundation

The Weston A Price Foundation

Metabolic Health Summit - (NOT FREE)


Dr Shawn Baker - Carnivore Advocate

Dr Eric Berg - Keto with a grain of salt - fairly anti-carnivore

Dr Darren Schmidt - Carnivore Advocate

Dr Ken D Berry - Carnivore Keto Family Doctor

Dr Paul Saladino - Carnivore Advocate

Dr Paul Mason - Carnivore Advocate

Individuals, Nutritionists, or Companies

HVMN - Exogeneous Ketones Company

Fat Fueled Family - Danny Vega - Keto/Carnivore Advocate

Crohn's Colitis Vitality

PrimalBro - Keto Carnivore Advocate

Phil Escott - Carnivore Advocate for Autoimmune Diseases

KetoGeek - Low Carb Food Product Company with Keto Carnivore Interviews

The Raw Primal Family

Daphne Reloaded - Exvegan turned Carnivore

Thomas DeLauer - Keto Carnivore Nutritionist

What I Learned - Interviews and science

Bart Kay - Nutrition Science Watchdog - Carnivore Diet

sv3rige - ExVegan turned Raw Meat Eater/AntiVegan

Kasumi Kriss - ExVegan gone Carnivore


Amy Berger - Tuit Nutrition - Keto and Carnivore Tips

Keto Connect - Matt and Megha


Full Range Strength - Don Matesz - Author of The Hypercarnivore Diet

Bobby's Perspective - ExVegan gone Carnivore

Tristan Haggard - Primal Edge Health

Thomas Clark - Autism and Carnivore Diet

Laura Spath

Drew Morg

Rob Stuart

EONutrition - Elliot Overton Nutrition - Keto Carnivore

Karen Thomson - Sugar Free Revolution

Meghan Remedy CNP

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