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I commonly get asked how to get started, and what to watch out for, so I try to address that here, along with common things that come up and trip people up with this new way of eating.   ALSO! You DON'T have to take any supplements in general. If you need to take supplements to get basic nutrition, then by definition your diet is deficient. Carnivore isn't. If you get tested and have a mild deficiency for some reason, which can rarely happen, that's when you think about supplementing. One thing to remember is that most people don't get enough sunlight, and if you're in the temperate latitudes you wont get enough anyway for 9months out of the year, even if you spend a lot of time outside. Animal fats and butter have vitamin D already in them, but if you're not getting enough for whatever reason, you can think about taking vitamin D3 (not D2) then. Links and resources below for some good to know about studies and resources!

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