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Brian Kerley



Kentucky, USA

MEATrition author
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Text Notes:

In a DM on Twitter in July 2022:

Me: "And you support carnivore diets but mostly seed oil free diets correct?"

Dr Kerley: 

"Carnivore plus fruit probably *optimal*

But that doesn’t mean eating grain is *wrong*

Food is deeply cultural…

I want to be clear about my message and intentions

Like Paul Saladino is right about what he says for the most part

But many people can eat bread and be OK

Yeah and if you NEED it, beef/ruminant diet is life saving"

Cutting out seed oils (linoleic acid) is his Pareto Principle:

"Yeah being seed oil free is 80/20

That's basically the experiment I’ve done with myself for almost a year

I’m much leaner"

From his website's About Page:

It all started back in 2008 when we were introduced to the "Paleo" world through Crossfit (shout out to what is now Built/With Fitness!) 
and we were instantly intrigued with the world of "Ancestral Health". Like so many others who find this rabbit hole, our typical mainstream views of nutrition vanished and we knew we would never be the same. We jumped in headfirst to learn as much as we could, as our pantry and fridge changed forever.

We started to follow Robb Wolf (thank you!), Mark Sisson, Chris Masterjon (just to name a few) as they always had fresh valuable info to share. During this time we also grew as a family with our very special girl who made us proud autism parents.  The knowledge we gained was tremendously helpful for our own health through experimentation with elimination diets, and with nourishing our special needs child. We were so grateful for this gift and always were willing to share with with anyone interested to listen...

But it didn't end there... these interests lead to medical school for Dr. K in his early 30s and many more years of us experimenting and getting to know our bodies. Slowly but surely transitioning to better ways and sustainable habits with our cooking and food choices.

Fast forward to 2021. With years of experience behind us, we have developed a balanced common ground with our main focus on a particular common denominator...avoiding "vegetable" seed oils.

As our simple and focused message began to gain more attention, we discovered how well it aligned with the vision of author Cate Shanahan, MD.

Our mission is to connect and educate by spreading valuable information on
"vegetable" seed oils and help take back the health of our world.
This is not another diet, this is The Seed Oil Rebellion.

Dr. K & Ash

Dr Kerley's Anti-Seed Oil App just entered the App Store and is called 'Seedy'

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