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Cláudio Brasil


Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

MEATrition author
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My name is Cláudio Brasil , I am a doctor (CRM 16.107) graduated from UFRGS, I did residency in Pediatrics at Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre and specialization in Homeopathy at the Gaúcha Society of Homeopathy.

I have specialist titles in Homeopathy and Pediatrics.

I was approved in first place in the competition for a homeopathic doctor at Conceição Hospital, where I work for SUS.

I am fundamentally dedicated to the treatment, reversal and prevention of chronic diseases in a personalized way and to health promotion.

We are doctors, graduated from UFRGS. We both did residency and specializations.

Our focus has always been on reversing chronic diseases and promoting health. As well as prevention.

More than alleviating symptoms or reducing them, we propose to eradicate the disease in its entirety.

It is a lofty purpose, but if we don't have it, what will become of the sick?

We avoid the use of drugs and we love to take them from our patients.

We seek to eliminate the root cause of diseases, stimulating what provides an improvement in the level of global health and reduces the damage. We see the person as a whole and assess all functional systems in their interrelationship.

The basis of care is the medical clinic. Listening (anamnesis) and clinical examination.

Obviously we use the diagnostic resources available, avoiding excesses, considering the scientific evidence.

We drink from the Hippocratic source, from the clinical records of all time, from homeopathy, from functional and family (or community) medicine. Even knowing the limitations regarding the generalization of individual cases, we consider that detailed case studies provide many hypotheses and help to build a comprehensive and integrative path in the complexity of human health.

We consider human evolution and anthropological studies an invaluable guide to understanding the human being. Evolution is undoubtedly the greatest scientific experiment ever performed by nature.

As Ernst Mayr, researcher and biologist, in the study of biology the time factor must be considered. The chronology, the historicity of events in a given system (whether an individual, a group, a community or an entire system) must be considered.

The personal history, the family history, the ethnic history, the history of the species, of the genus is important, they particularize each individual.

We are reticent to fully trust studies where statistics and the database are not open. We have many reports of spurious sponsorships, manipulations of data (biases of all kinds) and frankly dishonest guidelines in healthcare.

We prefer quality to the supposed quantity and high numerical value, but with little rationality.

The knowledge that the way of life has a strong impact on chronic diseases has changed our approach. Understanding that genetics has its expression significantly modified by people's way of life, as well as the increasingly vigorous hypothesis that a genetic and epigenetic adjustment (way of life) undoubtedly favors health is very promising.

We believe in the human ability to make conscious choices. To act based on values ​​and purposes. In principles, more than in rules. Thus, to overcome biological (structural and genetic) and environmental (socio-economic-cultural) determinisms.

Finally, we believe in the deep and cooperative relationship between people, in personal transformation, in ethical and conscious choices and in healing.

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