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Estrelita van Rensburg



Edinburgh, UK

MEATrition author
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Estrelita van Rensburg was born in South Africa and grew up there. After school, she trained as a medical doctor, then specialised in Virology and worked as a University Consultant and published researcher for sixteen years, during which time she received further post-graduate qualifications (PhD and DSc). In 2007 she received the University of Pretoria's Exceptional Achievers Award, before joining the pharmaceutical industry in a global position. 'Eat Well or Die Slowly' published in 2020, is her first book co-authored with Issy Warrack. She now lives in the UK.

Issy Warrack was born and raised in the Scottish Borders. After school she embarked on a hectic real estate career and other businesses - lived life to the full - and never gave her health a second thought. She remembers saying 'That (ill health) will never happen to me!' It then took a series of events - heart palpitations and two falls resulting in fractures - to really make her ask the question 'What is going on here?' It was a real wake up call. With co-author Estrelita van Rensburg, she became interested in nutrition and developed a wellness programme that made a remarkable difference. She is enthusiastic about her own health improvement and passionate to share her experience with others. Issy has a daughter and two grandkids.

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