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Frédéric Leroy



Brussels, Belgium

MEATrition author
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Food scientist + CDP activist     Common sense     Decency &     Pragmatism   Also


Animal source foods (ASFs) are evolutionary foods and provide key nutrients. There is no reason to eliminate their consumption from a human health perspective, well on the contrary. People who nonetheless decide to do so on ethical or environmental grounds should keep in mind that the robustness of restrictive diets depends on knowledge, resources, and careful supplementation. Although it needs to be acknowledged that current omnivore diets are often not well-formulated either, taking out some of the most nutrient-rich and species-adapted foods is an additional barrier to achieving adequate essential nutrition in an already problematic foodscape. Moreover, restricting or eliminating ASFs may not be suitable for everyone, potentially causing damage in the more vulnerable parts of the population, in particular the young, elderly, and metabolically challenged.

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