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Glenn Elzinga


Alderspring Ranch in the Mountains of Idaho

May, ID 83253, USA

MEATrition author
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Glenn Elzinga is a former Forest Ecologist turned Rancher. Glenn and his wife Caryl run Alderspring Ranch, a small artisanal family ranch that has passionately produced award-winning grassfed organic beef for over 20 years in the Idaho mountains. Alderspring Cowboys live with the cattle during the summer months, rotationally grazing them over 46,000 acres of certified organic wild permit rangeland, restoring health to ecologically sensitive areas! Grazing these specific wild grasses creates supremely nutrient dense beef, as well! Alderspring has also built a successful online business, shipping organic grass fed beef direct to customers for the last 15 years! Alderspring is a climate positive and carbon negative operation.

I personally met Glenn on his ranch while doing a science project in July 2022 and he was one of the nicest people I've ever met. He personally told me he does a carnivore diet however we did try some of the plants on his ranch - including some red flowers from wild onions! Check out his amazing grass fed beef at

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