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Guillermo Rodriguez Navarrete


Doctor in Human Nutrition

Miami, FL, USA

MEATrition author
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Doctor in Human Nutrition 


Fellow of The American College of Nutrition

Guillermo Rodriguez Navarrete (@nutrillermo) is a Spanish PhD in Human Nutrition, entrepreneur, and one of the most influential Nutrition experts worldwide, with over 1 million followers in his social media community.  He is Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, the highest academic achievement in the field, and has created a modern approach based on the importance of quitting sugar addiction, and recovering ancestral habits to achieve health and longevity. He’s also a CNS, and a Licensed Nutritionist-Dietitian in the state of Florida For over a decade, Guillermo have been demonstrating the link between sugar and modern diseases, and guiding people globally to overcome hidden food addictions with online challenges and from his clinics in Miami and Mexico City. In 2020, he partnered with Jean Fontaine, another fellow A360 member and leading animal nutrition expert, to create the first ever multivitamin supplement based in the P. I.N. technology (Precision Intestinal Nutrition) which is expected to be released in late 2022.  I last year he founded the non profit “Weight Transfer”. For every pound one of his patients loses, 1 pound of food is donated, so a person with malnutrition at the other side of the world can gain one pound of weight almost at the same time.  Guillermo created a 22 day No sugar challenge that he and his team lead twice a year. It’s usually followed by over 100.000 people at the same time with the purpose of learning how to live without sugar addiction. This challenge was featured in the Toby Robbins last book “Life Force” as one of the mayor contributors to Peter Diamandis health.  This year 2022, both challenge editions will have a carnivore meal plan to follow.  Finally, he created an advanced inner circle group called “Sharks”, with the purpose of getting them to a 100 years of life.

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