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Matt Cress


American from Detroit who lives in Lyon - Carnivore Dietitian

Lyon, France

MEATrition author
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Text Notes:

Matthew Cress is a dietitian nutritionist that specializes in meat-based ancestral nutritional protocols to address complex health problems.   

Matthew healed 20 years of debilitating allergies with the carnivore diet and has been using  it as a tool with his clients ever since.

Matthew’s health specialties:

Immune System Pathologies:

Chronic allergies, asthma, rhinitis, etc.
Histamine intolerance, MCAS, etc.
Autoimmune diseases
Poor immunity resulting in chronic colds, flus, & other infections.
Chronic fatigue (including dysautonomia).​

Skin Conditions:
Acne - All kinds

Viral, Bacterial, Parasitic, & Fungal Infections:
Viral: Acute Covid infections, long Covid complications, shingles, cold sores, etc.
Bacterial:  SIBO, UTIs, Lyme, Travelers diarrhea, etc.
Parasitic infections of all types.
Fungal: Candida, yeasts, & other mold problems.​

Metabolic & Digestive Disorders:
Thyroid diseases
Chronic Diarrhea or Constipation
SIBO & Bloating
Oxalate dumping complications
Crohn's disease

Mental Health​:
ADHD and procrastination troubles.
Brain fog
Burnout and low motivation​​

Nerve & Muscle Disorders:
Dysautonomia (including POTS)
Fibromyalgia and chronic pain
Heart & blood pressure conditions.

Matthew, How did your allergies get so bad?

My allergies caused my nose to run every single day of my life for 25 years. My allergies were debilitating and so incessant that I would cry out of frustration. I hated my nose and I wanted to rip it off. Going outside made me sick and it would get even worse with the changing seasons.

I took antihistamines daily and I carried tissues everywhere with me. I was labeled as the “sick kid” in school because of these allergies. It was horrible. I would lay in bed with tissues up my nose just to make it stop for a little.

Thankfully, I was able to resolve my allergies through an elimination diet. My nose doesn't run anymore and I no longer hate when the seasons change!

Allergies - A talk with Matthew’s mom

My allergies started shortly after I was born, I had never known life without a runny nose. When I got old enough, I asked my mom what had happened.

Mom: “Matthew was practically born sick. When I had him, I didn’t have much money. I bought the cheapest formula out there that I could afford. I clipped coupons every week for him. He was raised on soy formula.”

“Eventually, he got croup (an upper airway viral infection), and when he coughed it sounded like a barking dog. I took him to the hospital and the croup went away with medication.”

“That’s when the ear infections started. When he was about 2-3 years old he had 7-8 consecutive ear infections. They put him on antibiotics for 10 days, which would clear his ears. Then within the next 7 days, he'd get another ear infection.”

“Once the ear infections stopped his allergies started. He had no food allergies, but he was allergic to absolutely everything outside. He was sick with allergies or a cold K-12”

“I remember one year for Christmas he asked me for a new nose because of his allergies. That was hard for me.”

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