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Miriam Kalamian


Hamilton, MT 59840, USA

MEATrition author
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Keto nutrition educator/author/speaker specializing in therapeutic ketogenic diets for cancer, brain tumors, Parkinson's, and healthy aging

Miriam’s first experience with keto for cancer was intensely personal: her young son Raffi was at the end of treatments for his brain tumor when she stumbled onto groundbreaking early research on the keto diet. With nothing to lose, Miriam quickly pulled together a plan using the few resources available to her in 2007. To everyone’s surprise, this change in diet brought about a profound reduction in the size and invasiveness of Raffi’s brain tumor. It also led to a vast improvement in his quality of life. Raffi lived for 6 more years- a span that no one had anticipated at the outset!

With that success in mind, Miriam’s passion for helping others led her down a new path: that of sharing what she’d learned along the way with those who are feeling confused, isolated and unsupported. That part of the journey began with formal education in nutrition leading to her current certification. In 2012, Miriam established Dietary Therapies LLC with the determination to share what she learned in a caring and supportive environment.

Miriam continues to research the science, contributing to the body of peer-reviewed and published papers that is helping to move keto for cancer from speculation to practice.

Through her connections with the keto and low carb communities, Miriam’s understanding of what’s needed to optimize the commitment to keto has expanded to include other pillars that support a return to metabolic health. These pillars include education around supplementation and fasting protocols as well as developing awareness of the healthy habits that that help us to live our best lives possible. Miriam and her team can offer you the support you need!

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