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So why would someone want to follow a Zero Carb way of eating like I do eating only meat, cheese, eggs, butter and drinking only water, tea and coffee without milk?   Through videos like Dr. Barry Grove’s wonderful lecture called “Homo carnivoris”,  and another great lecture by Dr. Michael Eades “Paleopathology and the Origins of the Paleo Diet”. I came to realize that 2 1/2 million years ago our evolutionary ancestors had formed a separate branch from the fruit and plant eating apes and with each evolutionary step had developed bigger brains and smaller guts so nothing but rich fatty meat in that small gut could have allowed them to maintain such a large brain and that it required even more fat in the diet every time they ratcheted the size of the brain up. This same material is presented in a more visually appealing format in the movie “The Perfect Human Diet“ where the moderator actually visits the laboratories of the scientists doing the research on Paleolithic diets to interview them.  There are also natural experiments like the coastal Inuit of Alaska, the Nenets people of Siberia or the Maasai of Uganda that show a meat based diet leads to vigorous health with almost no consumption of plants and thus eating Zero Carb is an easy way to know you are eating a very healthy diet.

For me however the answer is Addiction.  Sugar is as addictive as heroin or cocaine as Dr. Nicole Avena explains in this lecture.  I was addicted to carbs and sugar.  I couldn’t stop at one or two bowls of spaghetti squash, just a quarter of that low carb pizza and I could easily get out of control eating low carb nuts like walnuts, macadamia, and pecans, not to mention blueberries.  Zero Carb makes it easy to avoid those “over-indulgences”.  There is also evidence that a high fiber diet may be a risk factor for both the development of autoimmune diseases and flares of those diseases.  I’ve posted about that here.  After almost 3 years I am very comfortable with my Zero Carb diet and would not want to go back to a more Atkin’s, Paleo or Keto style low carb diet though they seem to work perfectly for many people who apparently do not have tendency to addictive eating.

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