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Rich Northrop



Rochester, NY, USA

MEATrition author
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Hey, Rich here! You might know me from my Facebook Group 'Strict Carnivore - Zero Carb Life' or from Instagram as I have worked in the medical field for the past 11 years. Five in emergency administration, and six now clinically in cardiology. I am formally trained and have my degree in Exercise Physiology where I have totaled over 15 years of clinical and nutritional study; academic and self. I have a heavy interest in evolutionary biology, nutrition, ketogenics, gastroenterology, exercise techniques, and weight loss. Many influencers and "guru's" cant relate, they live this lifestyle but have never been overweight, never had health issues - well I have. I have been over 300lbs. I had IBS, skin issues, bladder and gut issues, anxieties and more. Just as I felt few years ago, I realize there are people that want and need a more in-depth one on one approach and guidance to this way of eating. 

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