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Ryan Lowery


Miami, FL, USA

MEATrition author
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Dr. Ryan P. Lowery, PhD, a 2014 national champion baseball player, earned his BS and MS in exercise physiology and exercise and nutrition science from the University of Tampa. Ryan completed his doctorate work at Concordia University in Health and Human Performance with a focus on “The Effects of a Well-Formulated Ketogenic Diet and Exogenous Ketone Supplementation on Various Markers of Health and Body Composition in Healthy and Diseased Populations.” Ryan currently serves as the CEO of and the President of the Applied Science and Performance Institute. Over his career, Ryan has published over 150 papers, abstracts, and book chapters on human performance and sports nutrition and is heavily focused on the impact of ketogenic diets and exogenous ketones on performance, cognitive function, and longevity.

Ryan has received the Exercise Science Scholar of the Year Award, NSCA Award for Outstanding Presentation of the year award, and the National AAHPERD Exercise Science Major of the Year Award. Ryan recently co-authored the book The Ketogenic Bible alongside his partner Dr. Jacob Wilson which focuses on the science and practical application behind the ketogenic diet, exogenous ketones, and all of their potential applications.

D) I like too look at the carnivore approach as a tool. I think it can be beneficial for many people who have dysfunctional gut micobimone. However, with that being said, there are benefits to having things like avocados, etc. in your diet. Its a tool and for many, they have been seeing great progress. The key is to not just go to Wendys and get burger patty's all the time. I would rather utilize organ meat as well.

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