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Sean OMara


Minneapolis, MN, USA

MEATrition author
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Performance Optimizing MD/Researcher: NSF grant, Blood Flow & Best Biometrics, Longevity, Sarcopenia, Oxytocin, NO, Hormesis, Mitochondria, HSPs & Microbiome

Welcome to My New Followers! For your benefit I thought I would share a tad about me. 13 years ago a disease ridden physician I went LCHF/Paleo. My MD world was rocked by the departure of disease & improvement in my health from NOTHING I learned in med school - just improving my diet. I felt like I was deceived & a fraud. I started researching and bio hacking. Only one species roams the earth riddled with disease while all the rest thrive....I wanted to know why. Its mostly bc wild animals eat what they should and dont what they shouldn’t. They also rarely exercise but move a lot & have intense physical encounters infrequently. I began using an MRI to track Biomarkers in the body (Visceral Fat, muscle, heart fat, arterial disease in the brain) diligently for 5 years. I learned a lot & share that with my clients & followers. I have also amassed a very large amount of skin based biomarkers which are all freely accessible to follow to assess how healthy they are & whether they are improving or worsening. You will learn about them following me. Using them, living optimally & recognizing your body is your MOST important/valuable physical asset you will ever have is a simple plan to optimize yourself & your life. I am a physician completely dedicated now to reversing disease not treating it. The biggest surprise I learned from
doing so was that human performance improves in everything. That you may not grasp this yet defines how much the conventional health system has failed you. Optimize your health & you will improve across the board in your life. At age 56 I can easily peform astounding things I never could & with hardly practicing. I will share some here over time. I live modestly & operate as a Not for Profit. I return excess revenue to researching Biological Optimization & sharing these insights to the military, First Responders & the marginalized amongst us. I also have a show: Health & Wealth Optimization Podcast & Youtube which you might want to subscribe to or follow. My Passion: helping people who really want to get healthy & perform better to really get healthy & perform better - this applies to all of you. Thank you for following me.

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