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Ted Eytan


Washington, DC, USA

MEATrition author
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What I ate / didn’t eat

Everyone comes at this differently; my interest was in the most nutrient-dense foods, ethically produced.

My version excluded almost all plant products, including nuts, all vegetables and fruit. I consumed some dairy and eggs. In terms of meat, I consumed fish and beef, some pork, and virtually no poultry.

My exception was coffee and the occasional distilled spirit, the latter which I didn’t consume very much of at all because of its effect on blood sugar.

Even though supplementation is controversial, I did consume a vitamin C supplement, with the exception of the periods when I was wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), since vitamin C is known to artificially raise CGM readings. I also added bone broth.

Functionally, this wasn’t a big change from the well-formulated ketogenic diet I’ve been on. Essentially this was elimination of nuts and non-starchy vegetables and supplementation with meat.

Health Status / How I felt

I don’t have food intolerances (that I know of), so my purpose was to understand the diet and also see if it contributed to athletic performance. I was able to do what I wanted to without any limitations. There was probably an improvement in appetite management beyond what I’ve achieved with a well-formulated ketogenic diet. This can be an issue for people raised on an ultra-processed food Standard American Diet (SAD), which unfortunately is still the majority of Americans today.

The Data

I happened to have labs drawn prior to starting the month, and they confirm I am in the 12% of Americans in metabolic health. Additionally, I’ll admit here for the first time that my coronary artery calcium (CAC) score is zero (0). CAC is unlikely to progress in a person without diabetes and who does not smoke, as shown in the latest MESA paper (I’ll be posting on that soon), so there’s no need to recheck this study.

I posted my continuous blood glucose readings separately. They are quite boring, as they should be.

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