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Tim Noakes


Cape Town, South Africa

MEATrition author
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Author, Emeritus Professor, runner, LCHF/Banting/CrossFit proponent. No longer registered medical doctor. Spreading scientific information, not medical advice.

Most people think that moving to a low-carb, high-fat diet means they’ll have to eat meat, and lots of it, but that’s not the case, says Noakes, who gets “a little sensitive” at the notion. “I get attacked that I’m promoting a meat-only diet, but that’s not true — that’s a carnivore diet. I do think a carnivore diet has benefits for certain people who are allergic to plants. But for my diet, my fat comes from avocados, coconut oil and dairy produce, particularly cheese. It’s actually quite difficult to get meat that’s got fat on it these days (besides lamb and fatty fish) because they remove the fat from most meat products. But it’s still a great source of other nutrients that you need.”

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