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Tro Kalayjian


Tappan, NY, USA

MEATrition author
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I call it Keto-Carnivore. I have no issues recommending a carnivore diet. If a patient has an intolernce to plants, what is the point in telling them to eat it?

My autoimmune protocol which is essentially an elimination diet starts with meat only.

It has a been challenge. Everything from the financial aspect to the regulatory aspects are challenging.

But this is my passion, I want to help people come off medications safely, I want to help them come off their diabetes medications, blood pressure medication through diet and lifestyle change. The problems are that insurance wont reimburse that time, so I have resorted to charging a retainer. As a physician I struggle with this, it makes me feel horrible making the health of my patients a financial issue but this is the current insurance & regulatory environment we face.

I view myself like a mini-Virta. Currently I am doing regular patient follow up, weekly when patients first start. I track their weight, body composition, blood pressure, ketones, glucose COMPLETELY remotely using smart equipment that automatically transmit their data to me (so its no work for them). This has been wildly successful and I absolutely LOVE it. Much of the time I get to save my patients money when they stop their medications so that is double win for me!

This is my life mission, to help people get healthy, this is what I was born to do, and so I am grateful and happy to be able to do this. Hopefully in 5 years time, the practice will be busy and I'll have an educational video series out, along with setting up a annual low carb conference in the NYC area.

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