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Tucker Goodrich


Idaho, USA

MEATrition author
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Looking Out of a Skyscaper
Text Notes:

"I had breakfast with Dr. Tro this morning in poverty-stricken Greenwich, Connecticut this morning, where I believe he treats gunshot wounds or stabbing victims, or something.
He's a fascinating guy, he was morbidly obese (see pic below) until he decided to commit to a low-carb and then zero-carb (carnivore) diet. After initially thinking the whole notion of "fat adaption" was nonsense, he became a convert after discovering how it worked himself, with guidance from a bunch of folks, including (I hope) yours truly."

"So here's what happens to me from plant foods: 

  • I go partially blind.  
  • I can't speak or understand language.  
  • I can't recognize faces.  
  • I poop blood.  
  • I vomit blood.  
  • I pass out. 
  • My bones break.  
  • I roast in the sun like a tomato. 

 So I should "enjoy" it?"

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