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Uffe Ravnskov


Lund, Sweden

MEATrition author
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  • Born 1934 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Graduated 1961 from the University of Copenhagen with an MD.

  • 1961-1967 various appointments at surgical, roentgenological, neurological, pediatric and medical departments in Denmark and Sweden.

  • 1968-79 various appointments at the Department of Nephrology, and the Department of Clinical Chemistry, University Hospital, Lund, Sweden; 1975-79 as an assistant professor at the Department of Nephrology.

  • 1973 PhD at the University of Lund. A specialist in internal medicine and nephrology.

  • 1979-2000 a private practitioner. Since 1979 an independent researcher.

  • Honoured by the Skrabanek Award 1999 given by Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland for original contributions in the field of medical scepticism

  • Honoured by the 2007 Leo-Huss-Walin Prize for Independent Thinking in Natural Sciences and Medicine.

  • Member of International Science Oversight Board

  • Director of THINCS, The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics

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