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Why I've only Eaten Meat for 25 Years (Autoimmune Issues)

I'm going in for my annual this month so I will ask about getting the CAC.  I have been hesitant with most testing as I'm really not able to make many changes to my diet and while I'm sure it would be fine based on the testing I've gotten if it weren't I would be in a position of stressing about something I can't do much about.  This is something I've talked about in depth with my doctor but will do so again.  I'm not on any social media and only make the videos I do to help others not grow my channel which is why my topics are so varied and typically about things people wouldn't want to talk about or admit.

Yeah, I'm pretty good with it now, I think after seeing Shawn Baker on JRE I started to shift my own perspective.  But you have to remember, I'm a product of the 80s, the food pyramid, and information being hard to come by.  And any time I've talked with people in the real world and disclosed this it's been met with skepticism and questions I wasn't informed enough to answer at the time.  So it was easier to just move on with life and not think or talk about it with people.  That became more ingrained and continued until now and me aging enough to start thinking "hmmmm, maybe this has been a blessing in disguise".  It's nice to see the positivity surrounding this video though and nice to see that it's of help or interest to others.

I used to more than I do now as I really wasn't framing it right.  When you are worried about your health it's harder to embrace or find joy in.  This is a great question I should have addressed in the video.  I also find that there are ways, even with just a couple foods to keep from getting bored.  For example, a sous vide flat iron steak, Boston pork shoulder, and a hamburger all taste so different.  Then I will sometimes add left over pork roast to beef and make a burger which again is totally different.  Pork side slab, pork ribs, different cooking styles and the list goes on.  I have just stopped getting bored with it and come to really enjoy it.  I also have a Hobart A200 20qt mixer with a #12 grinding attachment, a chamber vacuum sealer and a large sous vide always going so I've perfected my craft so to speak.  I also love many aspects of the consistency in terms of knowing what to expect from my body.

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