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A Study of the Diet and Metabolism of Eskimos Undertaken in 1908 on an Expedition to Greenland

Publish date:
January 1, 1908
A Study of the Diet and Metabolism of Eskimos Undertaken in 1908 on an Expedition to Greenland

A few interesting tidbits: 

1- Their usual daily intake of protein was >280 grams and fat >135 grams, and carb ~50 grams, half from meat glycogen.

2- Remarkably, despite such high protein intake, they did not seem to have gout, like Europeans.  

3- they could work extremely hard and long hours despite few carbs.

4- they studied 4 subjects (2 men/2 women) in a respiratory chamber set up in the field in West Greenland, the most food one person ate in 24 hours was 1804 grams boiled seal meat - makes the "56 ounce steak -eat it and its free" in US restaurants child's play!

5- Respiratory, urine and feces studies showed 90% of calories were absorbed. 

6- When traveling at -30 degrees their meat was naturally frozen, so they had to eat it as such. They shivered uncontrollably for 30 minutes after eating before warming up. Humans are a tough species...

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