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Cooking Oil Makes Genius or Alzheimer!

Publish date:
December 5, 2017
Cooking Oil Makes Genius or Alzheimer!

Every day, we go home from work, we have a sit down and we decide what to have for dinner. If you’re looking to go healthy, you’ll consider cutting down your portion sizes or limiting certain, less healthy ingredients. If you’re not, you might opt for a nice, greasy takeaway.
Whether you choose the healthy option or not, you might be upset to learn that no matter what, you may be significantly increasing your chances of developing dementia – all down to cooking oil.
Dr Yamashima explains in Cooking Oil Makes Genius or Alzheimer! just how dangerous common cooking oils can be in an effort to decrease the rise in Alzheimer’s disease. His ground-breaking research will make you think twice about how you cook your meals – and just might help you to keep your brain and mind as sharp and sound as possible.


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Tetsumori Yamashima
Corporate Takeover of Nutrition
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Seed Oils
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Alzheimer's Disease
A disease in the brain likely related to metabolic syndrome and the Brain Energy Theory. Likely caused from eating sugar and Seed Oils - based on the Caspase-Cathepsin Hypothesis.
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