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Dr Carlton Frederick's Low Carbohydrate Diet

Publish date:
January 1, 1965
Dr Carlton Frederick's Low Carbohydrate Diet

What food constitutes the largest threat to health in this country?

Sugar, without doubt. It is a condiment that is being used as a food, and it is killing us by the millions. Per capita, we consume 120 pounds of sugar each year—compared to only 12 pounds in George Washington’s day. Sugar accounts for around 20% of our calorie intake. The vitamins that are required to metabolize sugar and starch in the human body are B1, B2 and niacin. Sugar does not supply any of these and, in fact, displaces the foods that do. In addition to making us fat, wrecking our teeth and increasing clotting tendencies that could lead to coronary thrombosis, sugar unquestionably aggravates a serious ailment that is mushrooming in this country: hypoglycemia.

What is hypoglycemia?

A low blood-sugar condition that can simulate symptoms of neurosis, psychosis, gastric ulcer, migraines and even epilepsy. There is now evidence that hypoglycemia can become diabetes. Sugar worsens the condition by causing an excessive production of insulin.

Just how widespread is hypoglycemia?

Out of 5,000 GI’s given a glucose tolerance test recently, no fewer than 700 turned out to be suffering from low blood-sugar. People in critical jobs, such as airline pilots and traffic controllers, are especially susceptible because they practically live on sugared coffee and soft drinks. When United Airlines tested 177 of its pilots, 44 turned out to be hypoglycemic.

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