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First Contact:

gather% / fish % / hunt %
fat % / protein % / carb%

A rough estimate to help us understand how carnivorous and how ketogenic these people were before being exposed to western civilization

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About the Tribe


Importance of Animal Products

Meat Hunting: The Montagnais, part of the Innu nation in eastern Quebec and Labrador, traditionally relied heavily on hunting, particularly caribou, for sustenance. This hunting was not only a source of food but also played a crucial role in their social and spiritual lives, as detailed in studies focusing on similar indigenous groups in North America

Importance of Plants

Plant Gathering: Plant gathering, including the collection of berries, roots, and herbs, was an integral part of the Montagnais lifestyle. These plants were used for both culinary and medicinal purposes, highlighting the tribe's deep knowledge of the local flora. Studies on neighboring tribes and the general region provide insights into such practices.

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Transition to Industrialized Food Products

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