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November 10, 1870

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Angelo, an architect in Palma, Italy, was diabetic for four years having "abused flour and fruit" but was cured by the meat diet of Dr Primavera and Dr Cantani





Diabetes mellitus and its dietetic treatment


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OBSERVATION XI. - Mr. Angelo n., Architect in Palma (near Nola), 47 years old, diabetic for about four years. He abused flour and fruit. Three years ago, he had an apoplexy with right hemiplegia: his right arm remained weak: for two years the voice has been extinguished, by paralysis of the glottic muscles. On November 10, 1870, Primavera's analysis showed: 6 liters of urine per day: specific weight 1035: 900 gr. of sugar per twenty-four hours. Submitted to my cure by Primavera himself, from November 22, the urine had come down to 1 liter in. about, specific gravity 1022, no trace of sugar. The patient weighed 66 kilog., On January 31 he weighed 71 kilog. This soft man. rut more than a year after being cured of diabetes, stroke: although he had resumed mixed feeding for a long time, his urine had remained free of sugar: their weight at 1016-1018 .

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A doctor or medical professional who studies or promotes exclusive meat diets
The harm of eating carbohydrates.
Facultative Carnivore
Facultative Carnivore describes the concept of animals that are technically omnivores but who thrive off of all meat diets. Humans may just be facultative carnivores - who need no plant products for long-term nutrition.
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