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January 5, 1928

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The Sugar Industry pushes out myths about sugar. "A hint to women(and men, too) who want to be thinner. Contrary to the old superstition, candy has no unique fat-producing qualities. Such authorites even suggest the use of candy in a slenderizing diet."





Do you eat enough candy?


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CANDY IS A FOOD! that's the first thing to know about it. Candy supplies definite needs of the body, just like milk, fruit, vegetables, cereals. Candy, in fact, furnishes several vital elements of the diet, without which you couldn't keep well! So this is the word of modern dietary science -eat candy sensibly, eat it as a food-if you do this you will get the greatest possible enjoyment and beneft from it. 

How candy fills important bodily needs 

Candy is sometimes considered as an energy food only, because it is so remarkable in that respect. But candy is much more than that. In the candy shown on this page, for example, you will find: Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, mineral sales, and vitamins--all vital to health. 

You doubtless recall having read that Gertrude Ederle are candy for "body fuel" when she swam the channel, that soldiers, athletes and explorers use it for the same purpose. Considered as a source of quick energy for the body-an extremely necessary food-function -candy is a near perfect food. Considered as a complex food, the source of regulative and building elements (proteins, vitamins and mineral salts) candy also has a place in the properly balanced diet. 

Caroline Hunt*, noted specialist in Home Economics, has therefore recommended that candy be made a part of the "sweets" ration, which consists of about five pounds a week for the family of five. Candy may constitute whatever part of this is desired. 

*Specialist in Home Economic. U. S. Dept of Agriculture.

A hint to women(and men, too) who want to be thinner

Contrary to the old superstition, candy has no unique fat-producing qualities. Such authorites as Gordon and von Stanley**(American Journal of the Medical Sciences--Jan 1928) even suggest the use of candy in a slenderizing diet.

Here is a suggestion: eat candy as a dessert, as often as you find it agreeable. Let it take the place of the heavy, rich desserts, which are difficult to "burn" as fuel, and which tend to be converted into tissue-fat.

 Candy thus supplies the need of a sweet after meals in the most wholesome way. Serve it alone or with fruits and nuts. 

How to use candy as a food 

Treat candy exactly like other foods! The best diet is a varied diet and a balanced diet. Don't try to live on any one or half-dozen foods. Even milk alone, the most nearly perfect of all foods, is not enough in itself to keep you in good health. Don't make a meal of milk, or potatoes, or fruits alone--or candy! See chat all the necessary elements are there in proper proportion. 

Divide your food-budget like this, for example: 

"About one fifth for vegetables and fruit.

"About one fifth for milk and cheese.

About one fifth for meats, fish and eggs

About one fifth for breads and cereals

About one fifth for fats and sugar(candy)"

(Cited by Dr Henry C. Sherman, "Chemistry of Food and Nutrition," MacMillan.)


A book for you Dr. Herman N. Bundesen has written a scientific, modern booklet in everyday language for you- called "The New Knowledge of Candy" Beautifully printed and illustrated in colors. Use the coupon below, and send ten cents.

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Big Sugar
Big Sugar is based on organizations like ILSI and The Sugar Association. They promote sugar as part of a healthy, balanced diet, but ignore many of the cons of sugar consumption.
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