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June 6, 1863

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Ellen G. White, a Seventh-Day Adventist gets a vision to reform health by abstain from eating flesh-foods.





Ellen G. White and vegetarianism


Important Text:

Ellen White [prophet of Seventh-day Adventism] received her first major health reform vision, June 6, 1863, in the home of Aaron Hilliard, at Otsego, Michigan. In this vision, for the first time, God’s people were urged to abstain from flesh food in general and from swine’s flesh in particular. Ellen White characterized this vision as “great light from the Lord,” adding, “I did not seek this light; I did not study to obtain it; it was given to me by the Lord to give to others.”

Amplifying this upon another occasion, she added, "The Lord presented a general plan before me. I was shown that God would give to His commandmentkeeping people a reform diet, and that as they received this, their disease and suffering would be greatly lessened. I was shown that this work would progress." 

Ellen's personal response was prompt and positive: 

"I accepted the light on health reform as it came to me."

 "I at once cut meat out of my bill of fare."  

"I broke away from everything at once—from meat and butter, and from three meals." 

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