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March 3, 1888

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Dr Salisbury explains the cure for consumption, an all lean beef diet with only a bit of bread and nothing else. The appetite becomes enormous, and from two to four pounds of lean beef are eaten daily."






J.H. Salisbury


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Drinks. — Drink from half a pint to a pint of hot water, from one to two hours before each meal and on retiring, for the purpose of washing out the slimy, yeasty and biUous stomach before eating and sleeping. Drink a cup of clear tea, coffee or beef tea (the latter free from fat), towards the close of each meal, sipping slowly. During the interval, between two hours after, and one hour before each meal, drink hot water or beef tea if thirsty. 

Food Meats. —Eat the muscle pulp of lean beef made into cakes and broiled. This pulp should be as free as possible from connective or glue tissue, fat and cartilage. The " American Chopper " answers very well for separating the connective tissue, this being driven down in front of the knife to the bottom of the board. In chopping, the beef should not be stirred up in the chopper, but the muscle pulp should be scraped off with a spoon at intervals during the chopping. At the end of the chopping, the fibrous tissue of the meat (the portion which makes up fibrous growths) all lies on the bottom board of the chopper. This may be utilized as soup meat for well people. Previous to chopping, the fat, bones, tendons and fascife should all be cut away, and the lean muscle cut up in pieces an inch or two square. Steaks cut through the centre of the round are the richest and best for this purpose. Beef should be procured from well fatted animals that are from four to six vears old. The pulp should not be pressed too firmly together before broiling, or it will taste livery. Simply press it sufficiently to hold it together. Make the cakes from half an inch to an inch thick. Broil slowly and moderately well over a fire free from blaze and smoke. When cooked, put it on a hot plate and sea- son to taste with butter, pepper and salt ; also use either Worcestershire or Halford sauce, mustard, horseradish or lemon juice on the meat if desired. Celery may be moderately used as a relish. No other meats should be allowed till the stomach becomes clean, the urine uniformly clear and free, standing at a density of from 1.015-1.020, and the cough and expectoration so improved that they cease to be troublesome. When this time arrives, bring in for variety as side dishes, broiled lamb, broiled mutton, broiled game, broiled chicken, oysters broiled or roasted in the shell, boiled codfish (fresh or salt), broiled and baked fish free from fat, and broiled dried beef, chipped thin and sprinkled over broiled beefsteak to give it a relish. A soft boiled egg may be taken at breakfast occasionally with the meat if it does not heighten the color of the urine. 

Bread. — Bread, toast, boiled rice or cracked wheat may be eaten in the proportion of one part (by bulk) to from four to six parts of the meat. The bread should be free from sugar and raised with yeast. It may be made from gluten flour, white flour or Graham flour ; corn meal preparations should be avoided. All things not previously enumerated and the following articles of food in especial should not be eaten, viz. : beans, soups, sweets, pies, cakes, pickles, sauce, preserves, fruits, vegetables, greens, pancakes, fritters, crullers, griddle - cakes and mush. Vinegar should be carefully avoided.

Meals. —Meals should be taken at regular intervals, and it is better not to sit down at a table where others are indulging in all kinds of food. Eat alone, or with others who are on the same diet. After the system gets in good running order, which is indicated by the urine flowing at the rate of from three pints to two quarts in twenty-four hours, and standing constantly at 1.020 density, the appetite becomes good, and usually more than three meals a day are desired. This desire for food shoidd be gratified by allowing the patient a nice piece of broiled steak, with a cup of clear tea, coffee, hot water or beef tea, midway between the breakfast and dinner, and dinner and supper. If the directions here given are faithfully followed out and persisted in, consumption in all its stages becomes a curable disease.

All anodynes that disorder the stomach are to be rigidly avoided. No medicines of any kind should be taken, except such as are prescribed by a physician. The cure is accomplished by getting the system in splendid basic condition, Avhen the urine becomes clear and flows at the rate of three pints or more per diem, standing at 1.020 density, the appetite becomes enormous, and from two to four pounds of lean beef are eaten daily. The chills, fevers and sweats, growing- lighter, soon cease entirely. Blood-making processes go on rapidly ; the blood-vessels fill out; repair of tissues begins and steadily continues; the eyes brighten; the cough lessens by degrees; interstitial death, decay and disintegration of lung tissue cease ; the entire organism is pervaded by the glow of health, and step by step the patient (if he perseveres) advances safely and surely towards the goal of cure, to reach which, only patience and the strict observance of the rules here laid down are required. To accomplish this end, both diet and treatment are to be minutely and conscientiously carried out in all their details, with the soul and body of the patient firmly enlisted in the good cause. All this of course takes time, for it is Nature, after all, that does the work. Consequently all the changes must be physiological, and as such can only ensue as rapidly as the human machine — when well run — can organize and repair. 

The physician must know precisely what to do, and do it. He must watch his patient daily, scrutinize excretions, secretions and blood alike carefully, and see that every part of the programme is faithfully and honestly carried out. Any deviation from the right course can be at once detected by increased fermentation ; the consequent biliousness ; heightened color of urine ; aggravation of cough, and all the other pathological symptoms. Patients cannot deceive the physician sldlled in this field of positive work. If the directions are all rigidly followed, the machine will soon get to running nicely and continue to do so unless thrown off the track by deviations. Such departures should be at once detected and corrected, or the patient begins to lose ground. 

No one need hope to handle consumption successfully by change of climate or by medicinal remedies. It is a disease arising from long-continued, unhealthy alimentation, and can only be cured by the removal of its cause. This cause is fermenting food, and the products of this fermentation (carbonic acid gas, alcohoKc and vinegar yeast and vinegar) are the more miportant factors in developing the pecuHar pathological symptoms, conditions and states in this complaint, Avhich is generally and erroneously believed to be incurable. 

Consumption of the bowels can be produced at any time in the human subject, in from fifteen to thirty days, and consumption of the lungs within three months, by special, exclusive and continued feeding upon the diet that produces them.

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