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September 1, 1926

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Jarvis explains that Kellogg's Battle Creek College Football team was forced to be vegetarian and that Brother Wright described Kellogg's efforts as "a crusade to prove the superiority of vegetarianism.





Why I am not a vegetarian


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John Harvey Kellogg sought to prove that vegetarians were physically superior by fielding a Battle Creek College football team, which he personally coached. According to a former player, "Brother" Wright, whenever Kellogg's players lost, he railed at them for cheating on their diets and held them captive until one would say he had broken training rules and eaten meat. Wright stated that sometimes a player would eventually lie that he had eaten meat just to get the team released. He described Kellogg's efforts as "a crusade to prove the superiority of vegetarianism." Ellen G. White's condemnation of this approach to proving SDA superiority led to a policy restricting interscholastic sports by Adventist schools.

The 1932 Cauldron reports that after a single win in 1926, “football was found to be unsuccessful at Battle Creek College and was discontinued the next year.”

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Veg*n ideology
Veg*n encompasses anyone not eating animals or animal products based on ethical reasons.
7th Day Adventist Church
The 7th Day Adventist (SDA) Church is a Christian sect that became popular in the 1850's and promoted a vegetarian diet due to the hallucinations of Ellen G White.
Vegetarian Myth
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