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December 19, 145

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Welcome to the MEATrition History Database - The largest collection of information about the Carnivore Diet to date!





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Welcome to the MEATrition Carnivore History Database!

This has been a painstaking process but a labor of love for over the past few years as I've built this website from the ground up. The history of this database is that I found @bitstein's website and loved the easy access to pdfs to books on the carnivore way of eating. I ended up messaging him and added suggestions, and later I added wikis I had built for Reddit on a variety of topics. However, I finally decided I wanted to not only provide the books, but also read them and summarize or quote the most important parts of them. Eventually, I realized there were far more than just books, and the best way to organize hundreds or thousands of possible anecdotes over all of time would require a chronological database with tagged entries that could be searched, shared, and talked about. 

This database has links to other databases, which are called "collections' on Wix, the website maker I'm using. I have the following collections: Authors/people, Books, History, Ancient History beyond 2,000 years ago, Diseases, Foods, Ethnographic Tribes, Topics and more. These are best represented by going through the history database which has a collection of all of them, however, there are dedicated links to each database collection under the Menu. 

The topics in the history database cover a wide gamut, as you can see with the filters at the top of the screen - but in fact there are over 150 topics, I just surfaced the most important ones. If you click one of the filter buttons, it will filter the database to all entries tagged with that. Most entries have 2-4 topics. 

There is a search bar that searches the title, author, text fields through the database. Have a rare question about the carnivore diet? Enter a keyword and see what you find!

Furthermore, there are ways to sort the history database - click Recently Added to see what I've added most recently. Click Oldest/Newest to sort the database by chronological order. There is a also a sliding bar you can use to select a 5 year date span to quickly see what was going on then. You can click Clear Year to reset that. Finally, at the bottom is a page changer, and each page has 10 entries. 

You can open up an entry by clicking the blue link at the top of each event. That will open up a larger view of the post, with links to the book and author, and a field to add a comment if you so desire. You can share these individual links, or you can click the Twitter icon to post a formatted post to Twitter. You can also post the link to Reddit, I have two subreddits possible, but you could also change the subreddit if you want when it loads. 

One more thing - I opened Membership up on the site and I'm allowing qualified posters to add entries to the database. you can go there to see directions on the standards I want for your posts and join the site and add whatever is missing. 

If you enjoyed this work or feel this knowledge is worth knowing - please share links from the website. It's ad-free and built for the entire carnivore and nutrition science community, and for the most stringent skeptics. Share, join, contribute! 

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