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December 9, 1796

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SOME months ago I was honoured with your excellent pamphlet on Diabetes. At that moment I had two diabetic patients in the Royal Infirmary of this place, and I began instantly to treat them on your plan. They are both cured. The necessity of abstaining from vegetables was explained.





From Dr. Cleghorn, Lecturer in Chemistry, and one of the Physicians to the Infirmary at Glasgow. Glasgow May 19 1797.

John Rollo


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From Dr. Cleghorn, Lecturer in Chemistry, and one of the Physicians to the Infirmary at Glasgow. Glasgow May l9 1797. 

SOME months ago I was honoured with your excellent pamphlet on Diabetes. At that moment I had two diabetic patients in the Royal Infirmary of this place, and I began instantly to treat them on your plan. They are both cured ; and I have delayed so long to thank you for your politeness, in the hope that I might be able to inform you of this new success. 

CASE L John M'Lean, a Porter, age 38, December 9th, 1796. 

Four months ago had a fever, after which while yet weak, he began to work hard. Soon afterwards he observed his urine more abundant than usual, amounting daily to 24 pounds, or more. 

Though his appetite be voracious, he becomes leaner from clay to day, and is so weak that he cannot walk a few steps without panting. His mouth is parched, tongue red, thirst extreme, belly collive. Pulse 84. 

A few days ago he had a slight cough, with pain in the right breast ; but these complaints have abated. The feelings about the stomach when he thinks himfelf hungry, differ from those he formerly had; they are more uneasy, and the uneasiness is less removed by taking food. He is often troubled with flatulence ; and complains constantly of weakness or pain in the back and loins. Has used no medicines. On examining the urine it was found limpid and very sweet. A pound of it yielded by evaporation more than an ounce of a thick brown extract, like treacle in appearance and taste. 

December 10th. He was ordered an ounce of castor oil, and the same quantity of compound tincture of fenna. His loins were directed to be rubbed every evening and morning with anodyne balfam. Equal parts of kino and ruft of iron, formed into pills rcki pills of five grains, with extract of chamomile^ were to be given, two for a dofe thrice a day. His drink and urine were ordered to be meafured daily, and the following reports, abridged from the Infirmary Regifler, fhew the refult. 

11th and 12th. One stool ; urine 28 pounds ; has drank about 14 pounds, besides the usual allowance of beer and broth. 

13th. Urine 27 pounds ; drink 8 pounds ; has had double allowance of food. Belly natural. To take 8 pills daily. 

14th. Feels himfelf a little eafier and stronger. To drink a pint of alum whey daily at different times. To have the oil and tincture of fennawhen coftive. In this courfe he persevered till the 17th of January, 1797. The quantity of his urine diminifhed daily. On the 16th December it amounted only to 20 pounds ; next day to 1 8 ; next to 1 5 ; next to 13; but on the 20th it rose to 16 pounds, without any cause that could be pointed out, unlefs the increafe proceeded from coftivenefs. Next day it fell again to 13; on the 24th it rofe to 1 5 : after which it varied from 13 to 7 J pounds. This was the quantity voided on the 17th January. It never fell below 71; most commonly it was between 8 and 10 pounds. Meantime the patient confidered himfelf as cured. He slept comfortably, sometimes not rising during the nighty never oftener than once. The feelings about his stomach were more agreeable ; his countenance looked less ghastly, and he felt his strength returning apace. On examining his urine, however, I had the mortification to find it nearly as sweet as ever. I confidered the cure therefore as very incomplete, and I expected that the urine would soon begin to increase, as it had uniformly done in every cafe that I have hitherto feen, and I have feen a confiderable number. 

While under this painful apprehension I received Dr. Rollo's pamphlet, which seemed to me to contain a more distinct theory, and a more reasonable practice, than I had ever met with before. As I could not immediately procure the hepatifed ammonia, I ordered him to use for drink four pounds of water, containing a drachm of lixiva fulphurata. The alum whey to be continued. 

Jan 20 Urine 8 pounds, sweet. Has used vegetables and milk freely. Took 3 pounds of the ammoniated water. The necessity of abstaining from vegetables was explained, and enforced, and he was ordered to continue the water. 

February 10th. This morning took 15 drops at once, with no other effect than a sense of heat in the stomach. Urine 6 pounds, less natural in tafte and smell. Finding himself strong enough, he asked leave to go home, (to the fuburbs of Glafgos) to manage some business which required his prefence. He promised to abstain from vegetables, to take his drops, and to return if he became worse. I have seen him several times at work, and this day, being the 10th of May, I received from his own mouth the following account. 

In 24 hours his urine is about 5 pounds. He taftes it very often, and it has never been fweet, but after getting little animal food for days together (which has happened more than once) it has fometimes been of a four fmell. Formerly he could carry on a wheelbarrow three hundred weight ; at present he carries one hundred weight, and he can walk as well as ever. Two days ago he went express to Paisley, received an answer to the letter he carried, and returned to Glasgow in three hours and a half (about 14§ miles). 

Occafionally he has taken 60 drops a day of the hepatifed ammonia, which he likes, because it gives him an agreeable feeling of warmth, and never produces any inconvenience. For two weeks, however, he has had none, since which his urine has not increas›ed in quantity, has not been sweet, and when evaporated lately by himself, and by a neighbour of his, whose curiosity he has excited, it yielded no sugar. The residuum could not be diftinguished from that of an equal quantity of healthful urine, evaporated at the same time with great care and sagacity. The only kind of animal food that he can procure in sufficient quantity is blood, which he mixes with fat and a little meal. Even this homely fare he finds it difficult at prefent to procure regularly. He was always lean, and is now rather more so than before his fever ; but though he works very hard, he thinks himself stronger, and more fleshy, than when he left the Infirmary. He sleeps well; is regular in his belly, and free from every complaint, except occasional pains about the muscles of his breast and arms, anting obviously from the intense colds to which he has been very much exposed, as he plies near the river from morning to night. He is the father of several children, but since he has been seized with Diabetes—Coitus nullus. Erigitum nunquam : ne quidem femel rigefcit. About a month before he left the Infirmary, the other patient gave the same account of himfelf.

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